Monday, March 16, 2009

Class Connections

From this week's issue of the Nation, an article on the Half-Forgotten Prophet, C. Wright Mills. Timely for today and our ongoing class discussion:

And from a very different source, but equally relevant, at least to my essay on the mechanization of time, a line from Grant Morrison's "Doom Patrol" (1991) spoken by the "New, New, New Brotherhood of Dada." It reads: "It's time to stop defending a world sick with reason! Aristotle and Newton were useless farts who made a machine of this whirling, wonderful world. Let's stop all the clocks and kiss the walls goodbye!" - In the end, the Dadaists (the villains) fail, shot down by the government, as the heroes, at first resistant, try to save them. Absurd, and absurdly relevant. - N 

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