Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Unflattening the Collective (plus words about John Brockman)

The accumulation of information, catalogued, ordered, is inherently flat. It might record experience but it doesn’t resemble it. However, in organizing this information through our experience, our ideas, by infusing it with our signature, we unflatten it, and create a more dimensional experience that allows another to see through our eyes, make a journey we’ve put forth. Wikipedia is necessarily flat, but we shouldn’t expect it to be more than that.

John Brockman and me…

I visited New York City several years ago with a copy of my manuscript on creativity merging art and mathematics. John Brockman’s (the creator of Edge, and agent to nearly every science/philosophical author out there) office is in Manhattan, so I decided to wander in. I took the elevator up and expected a reception desk, wandered directly into their offices. I saw him, he asked a staff member to escort me out and after handing him my text, I went on my way….

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